About Lawrence Smith

Lawrence Smith began his study of the Alexander Technique in the 1970’s when he was acting professionally. He completed his STAT certification requirements in 1989 at the Institute for the Alexander Technique in New York City, and presently maintains a private practice in Montréal, where he teaches dancers and musicians at the University of Quebec and at McGill University. Lawrence was recently invited by the Montréal Symphony Orchestra to teach for the International Competition for Strings. He taught running at the International Congress for the F.M. Alexander Technique in Lugano, Switzerland, at the 2011 Congress of the Regroupement pour l’education somatique in Montréal, and at the 2010 AGM of the American Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique in New York City.
Lawrence has been running for 40 years, winning numerous competitions. He used the Alexander Technique to rebuild his running technique after injury and has since run for 30 years without injury. At the age of 59 he began experimenting with barefoot running, and he has developed a method for teaching running using variations on some well-known  Alexander Technique procedures. He is also a swimmer and cross-country skier and has written and directed for the theater, touring internationally.
Lawrence teaches private lessons in the Alexander Technique.
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